Doctor Who Wins BAFTA Cymru Awards

28 04 2008

Doctor Who has won six categories at the 17th annual BAFTA Cymru Awards which are given to films and television programmes that are produced in Wales. Doctor Who won awards for Best Drama Series (Phil Collinson, for “Voyage of the Damned”), Best Screenwriter (Steven Moffat, for “Blink”), Best Sound (BBC Wales Sound team), Best Director, Drama (James Strong, “Voyage of the Damned”), Best Director of Photography (Ernie Vincze for “Voyage of the Damned”) and Best Make-Up Barbara Southcott and Neill Gorton at Millennium FX for “The Shakespeare Code”.) Doctor Who spin-off Torchwood also won one award for Best Costume for the episode “Captain Jack Harkness”. Special Thanks to Outpost Gallifrey for this information.





3 responses

28 04 2008

Great post wow 6 awards for Doctor Who and one award for Torchwood 😀

28 04 2008

Cool post, awesome to hear Doctor Who won so much!

28 04 2008

Cool Post, Nice to See Doctor Who Dominated the Awards.

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