Planet Of The Ood Preview

14 04 2008

The third episode of Doctor Who Series 4 sees The Doctor And Donna travel to The Planet Of The Ood. Here they meet the Ood (last seen in the Doctor Who Series 2 episode The Satan Pit) on their home planet, who are struggling to survive. The press release for this particular episode can be seen below.

The Doctor takes Donna far into the future, to her first alien world. But on the planet Ood-Sphere, they discover terrible truths about the Human Race. As the enslaved Ood struggle for survival, a secret buried for 200 years threatens to rise up and engulf them all.

A next time trailer was also shown after the episode The Fires Of Pompeii in which we saw more clips from this episode. In this trailer we see clips off the Ood in action as well as clips off The Doctor and Donna. This next time trailer can be seen below.

Finally here are some screencaps for the Planet Of The Ood Next Time Trailer. These screencaps have been created by myself and can be seen below. To see more screen caps like these check out the Bad Wolf PR screencaps page.




3 responses

14 04 2008

Cool Trailer and Screencaps! Didnt See Screencap 22 in Trailer.

14 04 2008

Awesome trailer, and great screen caps. Can’t wait!

14 04 2008

Great posts, love the caps, synopsis and trailer. Thanks for posting.

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