New Fires Of Pompeii Trailer

8 04 2008

A brand new trailer for this week’s episode of Doctor Who is currently airing on the BBC. In this trailer we see yet more clips of the second episode of series 4, The Fires Of Pompeii. This particular trailer for The Fires Of Pompeii can be seen below.








6 responses

8 04 2008

Its a Great Trailer 😀

8 04 2008

The volcano looks amazing!

8 04 2008

The Tardis is sold, but without The Doctor’s consent.
The Doctor reveals himself as a Fawlty Towers fan with a quip he makes about Donna.
The time travelling pair are already known to some inhabitants of Pompeii.
An escape pod is used at some stage.
Donna uses her mobile to send Wilf a picture message of the erupting volcano.
Rose Tyler is glimpsed hiding behind a rock in the centre of the volcano, watching The Doctor.
The Tardis translation device isn’t limited to voices.
Donna is turned to stone.
The Doctor speaks about his father.
Pompeii residents believe that Donna is Welsh.
The Shadow Proclamation (which would be a great name for a band) crops up again.
The Doctor talks about Status Quo and quotes Bill

8 04 2008

*The Doctor talks about Status Quo and quotes Bill And Ted’s Excellent Adventure.

8 04 2008

Great post can’t wait for the episode.

12 04 2008

Awesome post and this episode was brilliant! Loved it!

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