Series 4 Press Launch Coverage

2 04 2008

Last night saw the Series 4 Press Launch take place where actors and guests came in flocks to honour Doctor Who. Luckily the BBC were also their and have so forth compiled some reports from the launch. By Clicking Here you can see a 2 minute report which features interviews with David Tennant, Catherine Tate and Elisabeth Sladen. There are also more clips from the first episode of Series 4, Partners In Crime. There is also yet another BBC video which features an interview with David Tennant as well as a few different clips which can be seen below. Finnally this morning GMTV reported upon last nights press lauch and the video of which can also be seen below.






3 responses

2 04 2008

Cool Post! David is a Great Doctor 😀 Cant Wait for Partners in Crime! Three Days!

2 04 2008

Great post, love all the new clips and interviews, I really can’t wait for Doctor Who Series 4 to start 🙂

2 04 2008

Cool post I really cannot wait 🙂
Well only three days left now yipee who wha wow! 😀 😛 😐

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