Series 4 News Round Up

29 03 2008

Yet another Doctor Who Series 4 Trailer is now airing on the BBC. In this particular trailer we see clips from the 3 teaser trailers as well as new clips of The Doctor, Donna Noble, Daleks and much more. This trailer can be seen below or by Clicking Here.

Last night saw David Tennant present The Friday Night Project. On this show we saw a short clips from the first episode of Doctor Who Series 4, Partners In Crime. In this clip we see footage of The Doctor, Donna and Mrs Foster. This clip can be seen below.

The latest Doctor Who Magazine has now confirmed two more episode titles for Doctor Who Series 4. These titles are as follows:

4.5: The Poison Sky
4.9: River’s Run

Finnally even though Series 4 has not begun yet, the cover for the Series 4 Volume 1 DVD has been released. This DVD will contain the episodes Partners In Crime, The Fires Of Pompeii and Planet Of The Ood. The cover features The Doctor (David Tennant) Donna Noble (Catherine Tate) and a Ood. The Series 4 Volume 1 DVD Cover can be seen below.




3 responses

29 03 2008

Great post awesome trailer nice cover

29 03 2008

Great post!! Wow theres a lot of news today. Love it!

29 03 2008

Great Post! The Trailer is Great! A Fnatastic Speach from Catherine as Donna. Clip is Good, Great Acting from Both David and Catherine. Last but not Least that Cover is Well Done. (Episode Titles Could be Better. D=)

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